Join our conference via Crowdcast, Zoom (for poster session), and Google Docs for discussion below. Please stay tuned for an updated agenda! If you sign up and opt-in to the mind matching part, you will be automatically matched with 6 other scientists working in related areas for one-to-one communication. If you sign up for group matching, you will also get an email of like minded scientists for group discussion during the conference. If you signed up before the deadline and did not receive an email, please email us.

Main Conference


The main conference will be happening on May 25 - 27, 2020 followed by un-conference matching. The main talks will be on Crowdcast. The Crowdcast will always be on and function as a lobby during short talks. The discussion channels for the main event is on Google Docs.

  • Usage · Please select timezone based on your location or preferred timezone. The time on agenda will be updated according to your chosen location.
  • Note · We are updating agenda details quite often before and during the conference. Please refer to this page for the recent agenda updates.
  • Google calendar · Add neuromatch 2.0 agenda to your calendar

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Un-conference meetings

We will also "mind match" you with 6 other participants algorithmically selected based on your research interests. After that, we will send you an email of your match partners. You can arrange the online meetings with them from May 23 to June 3, 2020.

Furthermore, we have a new session during the conference called "grouped mind" where we match you with like-minded scientists or researchers for a one-hour group discussion during the conference. Please opt-in and provide an abstract for us if you are interested! See instructions page if you need some starting guidelines!