Join our conference via Zoom Webinar and YouTube. If you sign up and opt-in to the mind matching part, you will be automatically matched with 6 other scientists working in related areas for one-to-one communication You will get list of your matches tab under your profile after the conference.

Main Conference


The main conference will be happening on October 26 - 30, 2020 (starts at midnight GMT) followed by mind-matching session if you opt-in to participate. The main talks will happen in parallel on Zoom Webinar. The sessions will always be on and function as a lobby during short talks.

  • Usage · Please select timezone based on your location or preferred timezone in the top-right corner. The time on agenda will be updated according to your chosen location. You can click each event to access event details and to add to Google calendar. When you expand, you will also see links to Zoom (). There are one stage and 9 rooms. If you change the timezone, please change the date to refresh this calendar view.
  • More Details · We also provide search engine, personal schedule, and recommendation engine on our Abstract Browser page
  • Backup · If the view below does not work, please look for information on NMC3 Provisional Schedule by Neural Reckoning Group.

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