neuromatch conference 4.0

We are back! A conference for the computational neuroscience community.

NMC4 features traditional talks, lecture-style keynotes, tutorials, flash talks, and posters. We also encourage local meetups during the conference.

Registration & Submission

Registration date · Anytime | Registration opens soon
Submission date · October 25, 2021 | We welcome all abstracts from the computational science field.
Main Conference · December 1 - 2, 2021
Agenda · TBD
Registration Fees · $15 | A fee waiver is available
Local meetups · Coming soon! Host your local meetups | Join local meetups near you
· @neuromatch with #nmc4

Our goals

Simplify conferences, reduce meeting and travel costs

Reduce carbon emissions

Find new ideas or collaborators

Organizers and Sponsors