Below are instructions for neuromatch conference.

Registration / Signup

  • You can register on top of this page forneuromatch conferenceusing your email, Gmail, or GitHub handle.
  • If you previously signed up forneuromatch 1.0, you still have to edit your profile under your log-in profile to register forneuromatch 2.0.
  • After signing up, provide basic information about you, including your abstracts if you want to participate in themind-matching(1-on-1 matching) and/orgroup-matching(group discussion during the conference) part of the conference.
  • You can always come back to edit your profile anytime before the registration ends.
  • Make sure to choose if you want to participate in the matching component. That is where the fun is. But make sure you do it before the registration ends.
  • After the registration ends, you can have access to your matches under your profile


We accept submissions for short talk, contributed talk, and poster session for the conference. The submission button is located under your log-in profile. Below, you can see an instruction on how you submit your abstracts.

Short talks occur in parallel sessions. They are 12 minutes long followed by 3 minutes for questions.
Contributed talks are featured in the main session. They are 18 minutes long followed by 4 minutes questions. If you submit a contributed talk but your talk is not selected, you will be invited to present a short talk or poster presentation instead.
Poster session is organized the same way as in physical space. However, we will have a centralized page on our website for people to search and visit your uploaded poster, recorded talk, and individual Zoom. We will provide the presentation slots for poster submission. All the poster submissions will be automatically accepted! You can see the virtual poster session here.

For short and contributed talks, after the review process, we will send you a confirmation email and a link to fill your talk slot. For the poster session, you can visit virtual poster page to update your poster URLs including Zoom (for discussion during the poster session), recorded talk, and slides.

Main Conference

The main conference is happening on May 25 - 27, 2020. The main talks during the conference will be run on Crowdcast, which requires no installation of software. Parallel sessions will also be running on Crowdcast where each parallel session will be listed with the same start time.

Participate in talks

During each of the conference talks you can ask questions. Even better, we can switch you on stage to ask your question in person. During the talks we will also keep open a Google Docs file for clarification questions that the audience can ask.

Present your talks

As an online conference, we can run any number of parallel tracks. You can submit your abstract by going to submission page under your profile during submission period. If you are selected as a speaker, please consult Crowdcast setup page to prepare before you're giving the talk.

Take charge and volunteer

We run the whole conference with only a handful of people and there is always room for help. You can help us in multiple ways including hosting parallel sessions, managing talk slots, reviewing abstract submissions. Please email or if you want to help us. We will contact you after the registration.

Mind-matching Instructions (1-on-1 meeting)

We use machine learning to match conference attendees together for one-on-one meeting, so called "mind-matching". To sign up, opt-in to the matching part to matching part in your registration profile and provide us your representative abstract.

  1. Preparation

    1. If you signed up for mind-match, you will get an email detailing who your partners are and suggestions on how to e-meet them before the main conference.
    2. Exchange emails with your match partners to organize a time and meeting platforms (Skype/Zoom/etc.) beforehand. Please don't forget to include your timezone!
    3. You and your match are responsible for setting up the conversation, we just arrange the matches.
    4. We love Twitter! If you are excited about your matches and/or conference, please feel free to tweet about the conference or your match with hashtag #neuromatch2020.
  2. Before the meeting with your match

    1. Have a quick look at your partner’s webpage or list of publications (a link will be included in the email we send you), but there is no expectation that you will read their papers.
    2. Think about how to quickly describe your research interests bearing in mind your partner’s background. This is particularly important for interdisciplinary meetings.
  3. During the meeting

    We recommend the following, but feel free to structure your meeting however you like.

    1. Start by each of you talking for 1 - 2 minutes about your general interests and approach.
    2. If you immediately see a point of connection, go for it and talk about that.
    3. Feel free to use screen-sharing and your slides if you think they help.
    4. If not, try each of you describing briefly one or two projects that you think would be relevant or interesting to the other one, and see if that sparks an interesting discussion.
    5. Keep in mind, the idea is to give yourselves the best chance of finding an unexpected and useful connection, so think broadly and try to get across a range of ideas until you find something that gets you both excited that you can talk about in more detail.
    6. Please be kind and respectful during your meeting (see more on our code of conduct page).
    7. Don’t worry if you don’t find something, our algorithms aren’t perfect and you’re not being judged on how well you do - have fun!

Group-Matching Instructions (Group discussion during a conference)

This is a new feature forneuromatch conference. We apply machine learning algorithm to group 5 like-minded scientists for a discussion session during the conference. If you opt-in for group-matching session during the registration, you will get a follow-up email with your group members to chat in the 45 minutes session in the conference. Please make coordinate and make sure you can make it to the session during the conference.

Please visit for more information during the conference

After the meeting

Log-in to the page and fill the feedback form under your profile (or by going to The feedback is very crucial for us so that we can do better next time!