Our Mission

Accelerate scientific innovation by facilitating inclusive, collaborative, and global participation in the computational sciences.


Scientific collaboration is necessary to solve certain scientific challenges. Further, we believe that collaboration is a necessary ingredient for creating good incentives to create high quality research and engineering outputs. Collaboration is not just what we teach, it is also what we do. As you’ll see on our team page, we are built by thousands of collaborating researchers around the world. This pooling of talent, resources, and materials to share with the greater community is key to how we operate.

Computational Sciences

High performance and scalable computation is key to addressing grand-scale challenges in complex systems research. It is also the most scalable way to equip and enable people around the world to be impactful collaborative researchers. Computational research, software engineering, and data analysis can all be performed remotely, learned online, and the skills involved are easily transferrable between domains and industries.

Open Science

We believe in transparency. Open science promises to facilitate collaboration and makes large scale, data-oriented projects, like the computational research we support, possible. We both teach and reflect the values of open science by open sourcing our code, educational materials, and research products, but also do the same for our company and operations by making our documentation, finances, and decision making processes open and transparent. We aren’t perfect, but with input from our community and continuous work, we are always working to be closer to it.

Guiding Principles

  • Open Access: our materials are all freely available to all to use, share, and view under a CC-BY license. This enables anyone, anywhere to learn at their own pace through our guided tutorials.
  • Evolving High-Quality Content: we improve our programs based on feedback from participants, and update our curriculum, research projects, and course materials every iteration to ensure the most cutting-edge knowledge, data, and tools are used.
  • Global Participation: we strive to obtain representation from every region on the globe through our outreach ambassadors program and world-wide connections. 
  • Holistic Approach: we don’t just educate, we also provide the foundation for a global computational science community by promoting personal and professional development through networking, mentoring, career panels, and opportunities to virtually socialize or collaborate with others