Education Research

We are a global education institution that teaches thousands of adult undergraduate and graduate level students in live, online classroom environments every year. To continuously improve our programs and help achieve our mission, we have a strong interest in education research.

We partner with education researchers to help research practical and applicable tactics to support education, collaboration, and equity in online learning environments.

Great Education Research Environment

There are two primary characteristics that make us an excellent place to do education research.

  1. We have thousands of students arranged into small group classrooms of 10-15 people, all using the same materials and using the same test questions. There are few to none adult learning environments with such numbers and such standardization.
  2. Our custom learning management system (LMS) enables us to easily create A/B testing or apply interventions to a subset of the standardized groups above. Our LMS is used for classroom coordination, but programs are actually delivered through common online platforms (like Zoom) so interventions are easy to apply and adopt elsewhere.


These can take many forms, from simply sharing our trove of data to specifying interventions ranging from teaching techniques to classroom tools, we are interested in all forms of partnership.

Topics of Interest

These are a few examples of topic areas we are especially interested in:

  • Methods in Online Learning
  • Group Discussion and Collaborative Learning
  • Creating Belonging in the Classroom and Other Sociocognitive Outcomes
  • Collaborative Project Work
  • Teaching ‘Soft’ Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Inclusivity)

Working Together

If you are an education researcher, we’d love to work with you on the above. Please contact with a brief description and we will put you in touch with the right person.