We coordinate the construction of collaboratively built, open-source materials and courses for computational research techniques.

By ensuring that our materials are easily forkable and adaptable, they can be used in your own curriculum or leveraged in our global online education programs.

These programs provide us a unique environment to do education research into how students best learn online and collaboratively.

We have programs for learners, teachers, or education researchers

Open Education Resources

We organize the creation of free-to-access learning and teaching materials for researchers and/or educators in computational sciences.

Online Courses and Programs

Our goal is to make the best quality education available to everybody. We offer intensive, but accessible, education programs for everybody.

Education Research

Our classrooms provide a unique place to understand online collaborative classrooms. We partner with education researchers to share data and facilitate experiments.

Professional Development

Beyond computational skills and techniques, we offer professional development in the form of career advice, mentorship, and ‘soft skills’ modules and presentations.