Collaborative Research

Research in all fields is becoming increasingly reliant on skills in computational techniques to manage large volumes of data, do intensive modeling and simulation, or to leverage machine learning approaches.

Advanced computational infrastructure, such as cloud-accessible high performance computing has made it possible to work on scalable, impactful research anywhere in the world.

There is a global wealth of talent that has been historically excluded from participating in research, but with advances in remote computing and improved collaboration tools we can now easily work together on these massive research challenges.

We facilitate global collaborative research in several ways

Networking and Matchmaking

To help scientists meet others working on the same challenges, we use algorithmic approaches to read through published work to introduce potential collaborators.

Research and Development Partnering

Not every organization has access to computational resources and talent. Some groups just need a quick data analytics, cloud server, or software engineering project done.

Course Based Research

In our online intensive courses, students take part in intensive collaborative classwork, but also organize into teams of 4-6 people to work on a novel research project together with a mentor during the course, culminating in a research presentation similar to a poster.

Fellowships and Research Cohorts

To provide more rich research experiences with deeper exploration of a specific research challenge, we facilitate the creation of collaborative research cohorts. These 6-12 month programs come with a long-term team project and ongoing professional development.