Artificial Intelligence

We provide research education and training in artificial intelligence, including applied AI and machine learning techniques for specific scientific domains. We believe in a holistic approach to AI education and research, embedding ethical AI and data ethics approaches into all of our programs.

Training in our programs goes beyond techniques and code, and focuses on the type of work that one can complete with AI approaches. We teach participants how to advance science and achieve better scientific insights using the toolbox of artificial intelligence.

Further, we explore artificial intelligence research itself, exploring the fundamental nature of intelligence, and training students on cutting edge techniques in artificial and natural intelligence research.

Through our programs, we help participants to collaborate with a global community of experts and peers, hone their problem-solving skills, and build a supportive network that celebrates inclusivity and accessibility in science education.

A Global Team of World-Class Talent

We are a non-profit, volunteer-led organization, run by artificial intelligence enthusiasts from all over the world.  From students to faculty to industry professionals, our volunteers are invested in creating globally-accessible science education and building inclusive communities for scientists to learn, grow, network, and discover. Our team is made up of amazing, field-leading researchers from academia and industry and come from over 70 different countries. See our team here.

Live Classes for Artificial Intelligence Education

We provide two live, online, courses in artificial intelligence topics:

  • Deep Learning
  • NeuroAI

You can learn more about our education programs here, or learn about each course below. All courses have hands-on, computational work, group research projects, and professional development experiences.

Deep Learning

Dive deep into the world of Deep Learning! Whether you’re a seasoned data scientist or just starting out, our DL course provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the core topics you need to know to become a proficient deep learning practitioner.

You’ll learn core topics in DL, including linear DL, optimization, regularization, NLP, generative models, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning as well as cutting edge modeling techniques.


In this intensive, graduate-level course for students with both AI and computational neuroscience experience, you’ll learn about how intelligent systems generalize. By applying principles from computational neuroscience, AI research, and cognitive neuroscience, this course will explore the fundamental nature of natural and artificial intelligence.

If you are a computer scientist or data scientist or machine learning researcher, you may also find interest in exploring our domain specific sciences such as Neuroscience and Climate Science.

Research Experiences in Artificial Intelligence

We work with a network of partners to sponsor new projects each year with research organizations and teams around the world. Through this program, participants will join a research team that works on a project seed provided by an established, larger research project.

This program is still under development. Check back for a link soon!