We work closely with these groups, not just as funders, but as thought partners, collaborators, and contributors. Our relationships with all of these groups go deeper than financial support, and we are excited to highlight why we work with each of these groups below.

We have community-driven policies that determine who we will accept funding from and we have turned down funding from other organizations. You can read more about this policy here.


Why we partner with NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a massively innovative technology organization that operates on a global scale. NASA has been one of the leading proponents of open science principles both in the US and globally, so they are a natural partner for us.

We are funded via a grant through NASA’s Transition to Open Science Training (TOPST) program. This grant funds us both to deliver the NASA open science training curriculum in our global educational programs, but also funds the development of a ‘Sciencecore’, an open education summer program and educational resource focused on science topics related to NASA’s mission. In our case, this support helps to fund our activities in Climate Science.

We are happy to continue to work with the NASA team in a mutual exchange of volunteers, work products, job opportunities, open science resources, and more.

Reality Labs at Meta

Why we partner with Meta

Meta’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. This highly aligns with our goal for connecting people for collaboration in the sciences. But our connections to Meta go even further. Both of us look to push the boundaries of what is currently possible, both on the front of connecting people and creating community, but also by exploring the fringes of tech and science.

The high quality training that we provide enables our students to strengthen and hone their skills not only in topics like computational neuroscience, but also ethical AI principles and rigourous experimentation and modeling to help them pioneer into new areas in our understanding of the brain and AI. In this way, we help to provide the skills to a great group of people that may work at Meta and Reality Labs, and in-turn, we receive a combination of financial support and mentorship for our students and staff

We are excited about a world where people can more easily connect from afar, and we hope to continue to work closely with Reality Labs and Meta as they bring this closer to reality. Learn more about Meta and Reality Labs.

Templeton World Charity Foundation

Why we partner with TWCF

TWCF funds innovative projects that push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and help people flourish. Their commitment to building the field of human flourishing not only demonstrates what it means to be human, but also how we enhance our positive and distinctive human capacities.

We have three areas of overlap with TWCF. First, at our core, Neuromatch is about people. Our goal is connect people while improving the systems and processes in science that allow them to work in their best way. Secondly, in exploring what it means to be human, TWCF puts a focus on neuroscience and consciousness research. The science we teach supports us in exploring these difficult to understand processes. Thirdly, TWCF acknolwedges that a major tool in helping humans flourish is education. Like TWCF, we don’t just want to teach, we want to understand how people learn, how knowledge transfer works, and how to enhance the educational experience.

TWCF has been an integral partner and supporter of us from our inception. We are excited to continue to work together to help scientists and humans around the world flourish through connection and education.

Simons Foundation

Why we partner with Simons

The Simons Foundation is a global supporter of work in the computational sciences. Their approach to global collaborations, fundamental computational research, and enabling a wide network of researchers through data sharing and reuse directly aligns with our mission.

We have received general funding from the Simons Foundation to support our educational programs in computational neuroscience and deep learning. Further, Simons has been a great source of advice and expertise in helping our organization move from early inception to where it is now.

We look forward to working even more closely with Simons in the future as we expand our reach into global collaborative research.

The Kavli Foundation

Why we partner with Kavli

The Kavli Foundation advances fundamental science for the benefit of humanity. Their focus on human-progress oriented science outcomes through basic or fundamental science closely aligns with the domains and topics we pursue as an organization.

We have received general funding from Kavli to support our education programs in the past, but they have also been key players in helping us launch several of our newest programs that have helped us towards financial sustainability. Further, Kavli is one of the supporters of our Civic Science program that has enabled us to further explore how more people can be involved in the scientific process.

We are excited to continue work with Kavli to strengthen the relationship between science and society, ensuring that a greater number of people around the world are part of the conversation in fundamental research.

The Dana Foundation

Why we partner with Dana

our goal of involving a large diversity of voices in scientific research.

We have received support from the Dana Foundation for our Civic Science program in Neuroscience and AI where we explore how we can better incorporate civic science engagement training and practice into training and mentorship programs. Beyond this, Dana has been a great group to work with for advice and input on how we can think about broadening engagement in research and what public engagement can look like.

We look forward to working with Dana on these interesting opportunities for learning at the intersection of neuroscience and society, and we are excited to keep talking about new opportunities in broad engagement in neuroscience research. Learn more about the Dana Foundation here.


Why we partner with Gatsby

Gatsby advances knowledge in experimental and theoretical neuroscience and supports related activities. They are pioneers in computation neuroscience, providing early investments that helped establish the field. Given that computational neuroscience was our first domain, Gatsby has been a great partner from the beginning.

Gatsby has helped provided general operational support for our education and training activities. We work closely not just with Gatsby, but with other Gatsby funded projects to establish an ecosystem of computational neuroscience training. Learn more about Gatsby.

Chen Institute

Why we partner with Chen

The Chen Institute advances brain research and understands that AI has the potential to accelerate and expand this mission. They encourage training, education, community support, and research in neuroscience and AI, which closely aligns with our domain areas.

Chen has provided general organizational support for us to develop education and training programs in neuroscience and AI, but they have also been good conversation partners on how to better communicate science. Read more about the Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute here.

New Science

Why we partner with New Science

eriment itself. Their focus on changing how science is done to make it more efficient, more equitable, and more impactful aligns closely with our goal of changing how the world works together on science.

New Science has provided some support for our general operations, but more importantly has been an great conversation partner to think scientifically about processes in science. We look forward to continued data exchange on meta-science. Learn more about New Science.

Google Deepmind

Why we partner with Google Deepmind

Google Deepmind is a world-leading expert on deep learning and AI research. Their expertise and interest in accessible tools and applications for machine learning applications that enable researchers and practitioners aligns closely with our goal of enabling a global population of researchers.

Deepmind has provided both funding support as well as worked closely with us as contributors and lecturers in our educational and professional development programs. We are excited about the work Deepmind is doing in machine learning applications, including Climate Science and hope to keep work together into the future. Learn more about Deepmind here.

Wellcome Trust

Why we partner with Wellcome

With a focus on supporting discovery research into life, health and wellbeing, and Wellcome is taking on worldwide health challenges in mental health, infectious disease, and climate and health.

With a previous focus on neuroscience, Wellcome was an important early supporter of our neuroscience education program. As we continue to expand our topic and domain areas, we anticipate working with Wellcome again in the future on health related research and research training.

We currently work with Wellcome as a contractor, supporting collaborations amongst their grantees and applicants. Learn more about Wellcome here.

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Why we partner with CIFAR

minds to address the most important questions facing science and humanity. Their focus on international research, large-scale collaborative work, and domain topics like AI make us great partners.

More so than other partners, CIFAR has been an excellent supporter for ensuring international accessibility and participation in our programs. CIFAR funds have been used to cover the costs of researchers that have needed scholarships or fee waivers to join our educational programs.

Their role in the pan-Canadian AI strategy will continue to deepen our relationship as we work with them as collaborators on our AI courses. Learn about CIFAR here.

The Bernstein Network

Why we partner with Bernstein

As a prestigious network of computational neuroscientists, we have worked closely with Bernstein from the beginning. They have worked with us to support German collaborators as educators in our programs. Read more about Bernstein.

Irv and Helga Cooper Foundation via The Neuro’s Tanenbaum Open Science Institute.

Why we partner with The Neuro

We won the prize for International Open Science Projects in Neuroscience. We are highly supportive of the work that The Neuro is doing, with funding from the Irv and Helga Cooper Foundation to support open science. Read more about them here.

Coupled Model Intercomparison Project

Why we partner with CMIP

We work with the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) to fund international scholarship in our Climate Science programs. They have helped support computational resources and attendance by a diverse global community. Read more about CMIP here.

Stanford DIBEJ

Why we partner with Stanford DIBEJ

The Stanford diversity, inclusion, belonging, equity, and justice (DIBEJ) of the Stanford Wu Tsai Neurosciences institute helped support us to provide funding to a diverse group of scholars that needed fee assistance or tuition waivers. Read more about Wu Tsai here.

The NSF AI Institute for Artificial and Natural Intelligence

Why we partner with ARNI

We are a subcontractor of ARNI’s NSF grant to help provide global reach and facilitate collaboration for education and outreach programs in NeuroAI. Read more about ARNI.