Partner With Us

We are a nonprofit partner that extends the capabilities of academic and industry labs by solving software, AI, and data pipeline challenges. Pulling from our network of 20,000 data scientists, software developers, and machine learning engineers, we can help develop workflows and tools to support your research and development.

Our Specialties

Data Pipelines and Analysis

Our PhD data scientists design, develop, and implement pipelines to warehouse, process, or visualize complex data in an optimized way, while complying with FAIR Principles.

Software Interfaces

Our experienced developers create beautiful dashboards, interfaces and applications that can help make your project come to life with intuitive interactive elements.

Machine Learning Solutions

Our engineering team leverages the latest machine learning techniques to help you draw insights, predict outcomes, and create intelligent feedback loops.

Example Cases

Comply with Data Requirements

Agencies are starting to require all grantees comply with FAIR principles. We can help you write your plan as you submit your grant and then help you build the infrastructure and pipelines to execute it.

Experiment to Analysis Pipeline

Direct your experimental data to a centralized storage location, providing access to custom visualization and analysis tools on local machines or in the cloud using public facing, or local networks.

Data Labelling and Cleanup

Sometimes you just need additional help organizing, labeling, and storing your data. We have expansive, scalable teams that can crunch through huge data sets on your timeline.

Machine Learning and Modeling

We are experts in computational modeling, machine learning, and leveraging AI tools for analysis. We can help build new machine learning pipelines, pilot research into new models, or help advise on ML setups.


A Team of Scientists

Our team of PhD scientists and engineers are familiar with the needs of an academic lab.

Flexibility First

We work like a postdoc or staff scientist but without the contract or budget overhead. Hire as a subawardee, contractor, or more.

A Toolbox for the Lab

While one hire won’t have experience in every method you need, but our flexible team does and is adaptable as your project needs change

Mission Oriented Work

We are a nonprofit whose mission is to focus on global collaborations in science.

We Grow With You

Scored that next big award? We can connect you with staff scientists and postdocs from around the world that meet the needs of your research.

Highlight Your Research

We love sharing publications that we work on with our large network of scientists.

Accelerate your research and development progress with our scientists and engineers.