Climate Science

What is Climatematch Academy?

Climatematch Academy is a wide-reaching, inclusive and approachable program aimed to introduce computational methods for climate science. The existing climate science research community severely underrepresents the global population that will be impacted by climate change. Climatematch Academy strives to create a globally diverse climate sciences community, trained on cutting edge techniques to access and analyze open-source modeled and observational climate data.

From ‘data to action’, Climatematch Academy strives to empower people from all backgrounds by strategically increasing access to education and networking opportunities, enabling better representation in scientific contribution, and building a global community of scientists and stakeholders to create meaningful change.

We do this through live courses, interactive projects, professional development, networking, and research experiences in an inclusive, supportive, all-online, environment.

See our guiding principles.

Who is Climatematch Academy?

We are a volunteer-led organization, run by computational climate science enthusiasts from all over the world.  From students to faculty to industry professionals, our volunteers are invested in creating globally-accessible science education and building inclusive communities for scientists to learn, grow, network, and discover. See our team here.

Live Classes for Computational Climate Science Education

We provide a live, online, course in computational climate science:

  • Computational Tools for Climate Science

You can learn more about our education programs here generally, or our climate specific one below. All courses have hands-on, computational components, group research projects, and professional development experiences.

Computational Tools for Climate Science

Learn cutting-edge techniques from climate science experts, implement them in guided Python tutorials, and collaborate on team research projects using real-world and modeled data to explore the social and environmental effects of climate change.

You may also find interest in exploring our program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which complements the skills learned here.

Research Experiences in Computational Climate Science

For those looking for a more intensive, longer-term research experience than our courses, we offer a collaborative research cohort program. In these 4-6 month programs, participants partner with a group of 6-10 others based on shared research interests to complete a novel research project that results in an open access publication.

Program characteristics:

  • Computational resources to complete your research
  • Ongoing professional development for all cohort members
  • Published research article with peer feedback

In our Climatematch Impact Scholar Program (CISP), work with a team of collaborators to do a more intensive exploration of the open climate data sets used in our climate science courses through a 4-6 month collaborative research experience. Through this impact focused program, participants will focus on research that has the potential for local change. Professional development in this program further emphasizes how to drive impact through community-focused research.