Propose a Course

Our courses are collaboratively developed – anybody can contribute to training and project materials via our Github.

To help ensure that these open-source, collaboratively developed lessons are high quality and follow good pedagogical principles, we provide templates and require certain review processes of all materials before they are shared with our network or hosted as a staffed course.

Courses Under Development

To create a space for computational sciences community members to launch new ideas and recruit help to develop them into full programs, we highlight ongoing courses under development here. Courses must use our lesson template, follow our code of conduct, are be licensed as CC-BY to be highlighted here.

Course TitleCourse DescriptionCourse Status
Computational NeuroscienceThe curriculum integrates cutting-edge advances in machine learning and causality research with state-of-the-art modeling approaches in neuroscience.Live
Deep LearningOur Deep Learning (DL) course grew out of the realization that there is a real need for teaching an ethically responsible hands-on TA-guided code-first DL curriculum that emphasizes how DL can be used to advance science and achieve better scientific insights.Live
Computational Tools for Climate ScienceThrough this program, students will gain skills and knowledge in the areas of climate science and impact, computational methods, data access, and scientific practices.Live
NeuroAIWhat are common principles of natural and artificial intelligence?
The core challenge of intelligence is generalization. Neuroscience, cognitive science, and AI are all questing for principles that help generalization.

We have public resources and training in how to produce a great course. You can find them here and here. It guides you through design and development from course conceptualization to working with the specific tools we use to make our courses accessible and interoperable. These will also talk you through how to effectively collaborate with others to build the course.