News and Press

This page includes writeups and publications from affiliated scientists as well as news sources and journalists.

Education and Training – Our Work on Research Training in the Academy

Teaching Computational Science with Global Accessibility: Founder Team Writeup

Building Neuromatch: A Writeup by Patrick Mineault

Neuromatch Academy: The Story By Gunnar Blohm

For the Love of Neuroscience: A Letter by Konrad Kording

The Academy Experience: Writeup on Simons Foundation Website

Democratizing Education: An Academy Student Writeup

From Volunteer to Student and More: Thoughts on Higher Education, Computational Neuroscience, and the Academy by Richard Gao

The International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) summarizes our approach and invites people to apply: INCF Posting

Student Experience LinkedIn Article

Knowing Neurons: Interview with Dr. Megan Peters

The Lancet: Computational Neuroscience with Global Accessibility

SuperDataScience: Interview with Konrad Kording

Queens FHS Feature Story on Global Accessibility of Computational Science Education

Collaboration and Connection – Our Work to Bring Scientists Together

Neuromatch: Algorithms to Match Scientists: Founder Writeup in eLife

Bringing Legacy Conferences Online – Connecting Digitally: Founder Writeup in eLife

Nature Machine Intelligence Editorial

Student Stories: Attending the Academy

Networking for the Next Generation of Scientists

Mark Humphries: The Year in Neuroscience

Open Science and Equity – Making Science and Education Accessible

Nature Article on Our Organization Overcoming International Sanctions to Deliver Courses Globally

Honors from BiasWatchNeuro on Gender Equality in our Programs

Our Organization Wins the 2022 International Irv and Helga Cooper Foundation Open Science Prize

Computational Science – Additional Highlights and Technical Insights

Brain Inspired Podcast – Machine Learning

Brain Inspired Podcast – Dynamical Systems

Brain Inspired Podcast – Normative Models of Brain and Mind