Meeting like-minded researchers is the first step to collaboration and is the top reason most people go to conferences. Despite this, networking at most meetings involves simply placing people in a room and hoping they happen to find their best matches. This isn’t typically the case.

We support networking using an algorithmic approach. By reading through past publications and current research interests, we are able to match researchers with best-fit matches and potential collaborators.

Upcoming Networking Events

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Host a Networking Event

The code we use to run our matchmaking events is open access and can be easily used in your own event.

If you are looking for more help, we are happy to run an online or in-person matchmaking event for you!

Many people sitting at tables in groups of 4 to network and connect.

Mind-Matching COSYNE 2024

Previous Partners

  • Vision Sciences Society (VSS)
  • American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)
  • Connected Minds (Canada Consortia)
  • A-LIFE
  • Cognitive Computational Neuroscience