Research Experiences

We have many opportunities to take part in remote research experiences ranging from shorter, course-based experiences to work opportunities.

Course-Based Research Experiences

In our online intensive courses, students take part in both intensive, group, classwork as well as a collaborative research project.

During the course, you students work closely with a team of 4-6 others to work on a novel research project under the guidance of a mentor. At the end of the program, all participants present their research project to a larger cohort of other participants.

Fellowships and Research Cohorts

For those looking for a more intensive, longer-term research experience than our courses, we offer a collaborative research cohort program. In these 4-6 month programs, participants partner with a group of 6-10 others based on shared research interests to complete a novel research project that results in an open access publication.

Program characteristics:

  • We provide computational resources to complete your research
  • Ongoing professional development for all cohort members
  • Published research article with peer feedback

Climate Science Research Cohorts

Work with a team of collaborators to do a more intensive exploration of the open climate data sets used in our climate science courses. Through this impact focused program, participants will focus on research that has the potential for local change. Professional development in this program further emphasizes how to drive impact through community-focused research.

Neuroscience Research Cohorts

We work with a network of partners to sponsor new projects each year with research organizations and teams around the world. Through this program, participants will join a research team that works on a project seed provided by an established larger research project. Professional development in this program focuses on methods in integrative research and how many small teams can contribute to our greater understanding of complex systems.

Remote Work Experiences

We partner with labs and companies around the world to help them with data analysis, software engineering, ML pipeline development, and more. As we establish new partnerships, we identify researchers and developers from our network to work remotely in these remote research and development opportunities.

Work experiences in this program are highly dynamic and varied and are a great way to experience many different types of labs, work, and projects. During these work experiences, contractors will work closely with our internal team as well as our external partner.